One, Two, Three! Coconut Oil for You and Me!

Natural remedies, homemade facial masks and clean eating are just some of the things that are flooding our Pinterest feeds. It seems going the more "natural" route has been more popular than ever now. I love finding new ways to improve my beauty routine. Especially living in the mid-west, the colder seasons can do major damage to our skin, hair, nails and everything else in between! Here are 3 awesome ways to include coconut oil in your beauty routine:

1. Leave in Hair Mask!

Why it's beneficial: Coconut oil is a natural form of hydration and moisture plus a source of vitamins. Our hair can get drier in the cold weather and can need an extra boost.

How to use: Add small amounts (start small, add more if needed, always easier to add than take away) to the mid-shaft of your hair and work your way down to the tips. Wrap hair in a top knot or bun and ta-da! Leave in all day and rinse out or leave in overnight and rinse in the morning for max results! Hair overtime will appear shiner, moisturized and easier to manage.

2. Face Moisturizer!

Why it's beneficial: As read about, coconut oil is a natural form of hydration and moisture. It also provides energy! When hit with cold air, dry weather or even stress (this holiday shopping has got me STRESSSSSSSSSED hunny), our skin will appear dull, dry, even flaky and needs extra care.

How to use: At night, after your normal skin care regimen, skip moisturizer or face lotion and replace with a thin layer of coconut oil! Overnight our skin is at work, the coconut oil will penetrate into skin and provide extra hydration that we may lack. Oily-skin girls: This will help counter-act overactive oil production!

3. Body Lotion!

Why it's beneficial: Again....not trying to sound like a broken *insert first sentence of 1 & 2. If our hair and face is drying out during the winter....then so is our body! Sometimes or body soaps strip our natural oils, leaving our skin feeling tight and dry. This can apply to any seasons really, but specifically during winter. Our hands especially are exposed to more harsh weather, putting gloves on and off, still freezing when dusting the snow off our cars. It's time we give our body the help it needs!

How to use: Try replacing body lotion with coconut oil after a shower. Start with every other shower. Too much coconut oil can leave skin feeling greasy. If it's too hydrating for the body, try just hands and feet! The coconut oil will get into the cracked heels and dry fingers and knuckles.

So there you have it! You can purchase coconut oil at any natural retail stop, grocery store or even online stores.

Make sure you don't have an allergy before trying these beauty suggestions!

Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

Pat translucent setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. (Do this after concealer or eyelid primer) This will help with smoother eyeshadow application and will help it last even longer!

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