Creepy Crawler Cookies! How to Have the Best Halloween Party Treat!

Halloween is such a fun holiday! Scary movies, pumpkin decorating (see previous blog post on how to glamorize pumpkin decorating with your bestie!), and best of all, frightful treats! Whether you're hosting your own ghoulish gathering, or attending a Halloween bash, this yummy and fun treat will be sure to make a scream! (In a good way!)

Thanks to my mom's Easy Halloween by Pillsbury dessert cookbook, I look forward to making this treat for any kind of Halloween party! I've tweaked the recipe a little to make it my own. Feel free to try this step by step recipe, even by adding in steps of your own too! One thing is for sure, this treat is just as fun to eat as it is to make!

Creepy Crawler Cookies.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Two bags of chocolate chip cookie mix, one bag of black licorice, one bag of mini baking M&Ms, one to two tubs of frosting (vanilla or chocolate or both, I use vanilla).

Step 2: Prepare cookie dough

Pre-heat oven. While oven is pre-heating, follow directions on the cookie mix packaging, and spread out rounded raw cookie dough on baking sheet in rows far enough apart for them to spread out while baking. Make dough rounds a little on the lager side. (yes, I was enjoying many cups of my pumpkin spice flavored coffee while baking...this is a necessity!)

Step 3: Give the creepy crawler cookies legs!

While cookies are baking in oven, use poultry scissors to cut the licorice into small "legs." We want the cookies to look like spiders! Take one licorice piece and cut into 3 parts. Take one of the 3 parts and cut in half down the middle, to make a thinner "leg." Make as many legs as possible. Each spider needs to have 6 legs.

4. Step 4: Frosting

Let cookies cool at least 30 minutes before this step. (Let cookies cool on paper towels or wax baking paper.) Take 2 cooled cookies at a time to make the body of the spider. With a butter knife, spread a layer of frosting on one of the cookies (underneath side.) Thickness of frosting should be in between thin and thick, since we will be adding in the legs soon.

Step 5: Adding the legs

While taking the same cookie with frosting on it, take 6 of the pre-cut licorice legs and add 3 to each side of the cookie. Place the legs halfway onto the cookie so that they stick out. Press the legs into the frosting so they stay in place. Place the non-frosted cookie on top of the frosted cookie with legs and give a little squeeze to make a cookie sandwich.

Step 6: Time for eyes!

Grab 2 mini M&Ms, and with a butter knife, apply tiny amounts of frosting on the back of the M&Ms and place on top of the cookie sandwich where eyes would go. Press slightly on the M&Ms once they're on the cookie, to make sure they stay in place. Repeat for all cookie sandwiches.

Step 7: Serve and enjoy!

If you're hosting the frightful fest, display these creepy crawlers as you wish. If you're traveling with these little guys, be sure to arrange them carefully and spread out enough. (see below)

And there you have it! Creepy Crawler Cookies: Spider cookie sandwiches!!! These cookies aren't meant to be scary, no no, but to be eaten with the Halloween Spirit! Mwuahahahah =)

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