GLAMKINS: Fun Fall DIY to do with Your Bestie

It's a chilly Fall day and you and your best friend are trying to figure out what to do to make the best of your day that's festive yet staying in both your budgets. One thing I love about the holidays is of course continuing traditions, but also making new ones! A couple years ago, Brittney (owner and creator of Blissfully Brittney Marie) and I decided to decorate our own decorative pumpkins! We went back and forth about using real pumpkins vs prop pumpkins. But when you decorate a store bought pumpkin, you get to reuse it every year and keep it, rather than throwing it away! Score when you make it so darn cute!

Naturally Britt and I could not wait for another year of our newfound Halloween tradition. Anyone who values friendship like we do knows that doing things that you and your bestie both genuinely enjoy makes for great memories and a really good time together! So, on the first Sunday of October, we made our way to Michael's and got everything we needed to create our masterpieces! With the help of some awesome 50% off deals going on right now in the Halloween craft section AND some coupons (thanks, Retail Me Not!), we both managed to spend under $20! Can't beat that.

Here's a step by step breakdown of our Glamkin creations!

STEP 1: Planning & Setup

Other than buying whatever craft items you want to make your unique Glamkin, when you're ready to start, prep everything out in front of you so you have a clear vision of what you have and what direction you want to go in! (we half planned, half winged it)

Here are our bare prop pumpkins and our decorative pieces we each chose. (Brittney's on left, Sabrina's on right)

2. Get to Glammin'!

Put on Hocus Pocus, grab a snack for you and your bestie (we munched on Taffy Apples), and get started! This part is the most fun! This is when you guys can get those creative brains going, chit-chat, laugh while watching each other struggle to tie a simple bow (yes....that happened) and just have a great time!

See the process of glamination as I tackle tying the perfect glittery orange bow:

Step 3: Glamkin Reveal!

Once you both have completed your personalized Halloween Glamkins, it's time to put them on display! Find a cute spot in your house or outside and take some pics of your creations! (Hey, perfect for scrapbook memories!)

Our Glamkins below!

Brittney's Glamkin on Left, Sabrina's Glamkin on Right.

Brittney's finished Glamkin.

Sabrina's Glamkin (opposite side), see front above.

Inspired to decorate some pumpkins?? Share your Glamkins with us on Instagram by using hashtag #Glamkin !

Connect with us on Instagram: @sabrinaannmarie92 @blissfullybrittneymarie

Store purchased from: Michael's

Items used with prices:

Cream bare pumpkins: $7.00

Pack of foiled leaves: $4.99*

Pack of Non-foiled leaves: $4.99*

Pink Bow: $4.99*

Pack of flowers: $4.99*

Beaded S sticker: $.99 (half off sale)

Beaded Cat sticker: $.99 (half off sale)

Orange glitter ribbon: $.99

*Can use a 50% off one regular priced item coupon on full priced items like these.

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Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

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