Say YES to an Endless Summer!

Just as August came to an end, and I thought all hope was lost in the world (aka, Summertime is ending), Influenster decided to save the day! Thanks to their Endless Summer Voxbox, I am able to really enjoy these last few weeks of Summertime with some goodies!

If you're not familiar with Influenster, search them on Google or simply download the app! (You'll be glad you did.) Influenster has sent me some pretty amazing boxes or as they call them Voxboxes of free products to try and review but this latest one has to be the best one yet! Influenster packed this Endless Summer Voxbox with a great variety of products to taste AND apply, I almost didn't know where to start! Overall, I have some ultimate favs in this Voxbox and am truly impressed with the quality of everything in this bundle. Curious to know what I got? Well here we go:

1. Max Factor X Masterpiece Max Mascara in color Velvet Black.

OK this product is definitely my FAV in this Voxbox! I used to swear by higher brand mascaras like my holy grail mascara Lash Domination by Bare Minerals. But this mascara is a total game changer. Super black color in a sleek tube. The brush has wide short bristles to literally get in between and around every lash. Just one coat and my lashes are full of length and volume. Two coats and you don't need fake lashes. Best part? You can get this at TARGET! WIN. (see my results in this pic below, my Summer day time look)

2. Numi Organic Tea in Jasmine Green, Turmeric Tea - Amber Sun and Activate Your Soul Chocolate Pu-erh.

Who isn't trying to ingest more organic dietary items these days? Each of these teas offer something unique along with some of the purest ingredients. Jasmine Green contains a medium caffeine level with the antioxidant benefits of green tea. The Turmeric Tea in Amber Sun is caffeine free (great before bed) and contains Turmeric which is an ancient root that's part of the ginger family. This tea helps revitalize and restore. What I loved about this one was the directions instruct you to think happy thoughts and breathe in deeply while the tea was steeping. Both of these teas were full of flavor and only needed a dash of sugar (organic, of course) for my liking. Finally the Activate Your Soul Chocolate Pu-erh tea was more of a treat! I added a little bit of milk to make it thicker and it went down so smoothly! It kind of reminded me of what organic hot chocolate would taste like! These teas really hit the spot and were great for the body at the same time! (see photo below of me enjoying the Jasmin Green Tea out on our patio, soaking up these Summer nights!)

3. Iron Tek Essential Protein in Vanilla.

It's hard to find a protein powder that has the benefits you're looking for and that tastes good too. Iron Tek offers an essential protein powder that works as a daily supplement, pre-workout and/or post workout. Not only can it be used at multiple times of the day, it tastes YUMMY! No chalky flavor here! I enjoyed my sample size in a 4 oz serving of 2% milk shaken up in my Blender Bottle after my Sunday morning cardio!

4. Max Factor X Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner.

Need a good liquid eyeliner that can transition from day to night? Here it is! LOVE the fine tip on this eyeliner, it gets so close to the lash line and is SO easy to build for a thicker line! (you know that cat eye for nighttime, girl!) And the deep black pigment with no patchiness...can't go wrong! This is also sold at Target! (see picture in number 1 for my super thin line application in my Summer day time look.) Needless to say, I think I have a new favorite liquid eyeliner!

5. Not Your Mother's WAY TO GROW Leave In Conditioner.

Say goodbye to tangly, dried out hair caused by the Summer heat! Thanks to Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Leave in Conditioner, this spray product will help decrease the form of knots while adding not only strength but will add back in some of the moisture we lose due to the heat. Not to mention, its ingredients help with faster hair growth! YAAAAS to mermaid hair!!! Use this sparingly on freshly cleaned, damp hair and comb through. (Oh, and it smells divine, too!)

6. Seche Premier Color Nail Polish and Dry Fast Top Coat.

This beautiful bright orchid color named Intrepid by Seche is not only beautiful as a transition color from Summer to Fall, it's a long lasting, deeply pigmented nail color. I was definitely impressed with this brand as I've never used it or heard of it before. Not only is the color on my toenails true to bottle (yes I only did my toes, ya girl has acrylic french manicured finger nails), the top coat made it shine and last longer than usual! I constantly have to touch up my toe nail polish, and I have yet to do so with this one! (1 week). And the dry fast top coat dried in seconds! LOVE this product! (see picture below.)

Thank you Influenster for another amazing Voxbox of products for me to try! I'm able to enjoy the rest of my Summer with some new and wonderful goodies!

Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

Pat translucent setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. (Do this after concealer or eyelid primer) This will help with smoother eyeshadow application and will help it last even longer!

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