It's Crunch Time!

You know what they say...Summer bodies happen during the Winter. But the funny thing is, most people start working out in a panic for that perfect Summer bod when Spring rolls around. The weather gets warmer, so we out of habit are more open to get out and make things happen. Did the Winter down time get the best of you? Didn't hit the gym in time to sculpt and tone? No fear! It's not too late to get Summertime abs!

Being fit doesn't happen overnight, and working out physically is only half of it. The other half is your eating habits and lifestyle choices you make daily. I am in NO way a fitness expert or guru. Over the past 5 years from hopping from gym to gym, trying personal trainers, downloading workout apps and occasionally jumping onto Pinterest for healthy workout tips, I've gained a decent amount of knowledge. The best part about my tips are, you can make them your own! It's all about finding what works for you and sticking with it! For some crazy reason, the things I've added to my routine work for me. I was able to reshape my waist and stomach in only 6 weeks by changing my eating habits and my workout routine. So, take the oath to Summertime abs, and let's get to crunchin'!

First thing's first....what the majority of us hate to do...change our eating habits. I swear to you, I still eat ice cream, cookies, candy and pizza. But all I did was change the amounts/portions of these foods I eat and the time of day I eat them. For example, technically "they say" you shouldn't eat after 8pm...but that could be tough when you work late and come home STARVINGGGGG. Instead of going hard and maxing on a ton of food, or sweets, make a fruit salad, or have a bowl of cereal, or a yogurt parfait with granola. It'll still fill you up enough 'till morning without over indulging. If we eat a lot of carbs or sugar before bed, it all sits and sticks to our insides and doesn't digest as well as it would during the day when we're up and active. I used to always have cookies and milk before bed (don't judge me) and after I turned 21 I noticed that my body didn't burn up everything overnight like it used to. If you start noticing changes in your body, try different eating habits, I bet you'll notice a difference right away!

Having a balanced healthy diet can be hard at our age when we're always on the go and the drive through is all we have time for. But think of it this way, if you go out for lunch everyday during your break, you're spending at least $10 on lunch. So, $10 on lunch, 5 days a week, that's $50! WHAAAAT. You could take that $50 and buy healthier, cheaper options at the grocery store (like salads) and just spend an extra 5 minutes before bed to make your lunch and BOOM! Not only are you making a healthier eating choice which will improve your physique goals, you ultimately save money! Eating better and working out go hand in hand....which brings me to.....


Did you know abs and calves are the two muscles that only need 24 hours to recover from working out, which means they can be worked out every day. If you're problem area is your mid section, try these combos of ab workouts. Change up the amounts of reps to whatever you can handle or feel comfortable doing. After a while, you'll be able to take on more reps. If you spend just 15 mins a day to crunch those abbies, girrrrrrrrrrrrrl.

Before I share the combos, let me just share this: I used to be a 24 inch waist, naturally. at 21 I bumped up to a 25 1/2 inch waist. Then at 23, I managed to get to a 28 1/2 inch waist. Now, I am NEVER one to support numbers in weight or sizes. I don't think numbers matter AT ALL. What matters is how you FEEL in your clothes and if you're comfortable and happy with how you look and feel, numbers shouldn't matter. But I am sharing these numbers with you for a reason. I am now a 26 inch waist and I am happy with how I feel and look. My clothes fit better than ever and I feel healthy. I managed to work hard on myself and in 6 weeks I made a transformation. So, it isn't too late to get the Summer abs you want but have been putting off.

OK, grab a yoga mat (or lay on carpet) and try my go - to ab routine:

P.S.....if you're not familiar with any of the ab sets, google or youtube the name!

1. Diagonal Crunches (30 reps to the right, 30 reps to the left)

2. Leg Lifts (2 sets of 15, put hands under butt and lift both legs, don't let feet touch ground when going back down)

3. Regular Crunch (2 sets of 20)

4. Alternate Heel Touches (2 sets of 40)

5. Cherry Pickers (2 sets of 40)

6. Bicycles (2 sets of 30)

7. Regular Flat Foot Sit Up (3 sets of 10)

8. Standing Oblique Crunch with 5 Pound weight (3 sets of ten, stand shoulder width apart, take a weight in right hand and crunch to the side and pull self back up, do 10 reps then switch weight to left hand, repeat)

What do ya think? Think you can do it??? I KNOW you can!!! A little effort can go a long way. So what are you waiting for?? Let's get those Summertime abs together!

*Before and after my 6 week transformation*

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