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Who doesn't love a great outfit? When ya look good, ya feel good! Why not look good while working out?? I know for me, when I'm wearing a super fun workout look to the gym, I feel like I can lift any weight! (Not that I've tried to do that...but the thought was there) We're not all fitness fanatics, but we need to be active to stay healthy right? So let's put on our color coordinated workout gear and get to movin'!

I have some favorite fitness gear pieces that just make me feel cool and am always adding new additions here and there to my collection. Here are my go to outfits whether I'm hitting up the gym or working out in the comfort of my basement:


My go-to outfit when ya girl doesn't feel like sweatin' IN the gym! Our unfinished basement is the perfect cooled area for a quick workout! With this outfit, I can have the free-ness of the cut out shirt and flimsy shorts without feeling conscious of stares or anything like that. And uh can we just note how coordinated the black & pink Nike shorts are with the black & pink Nike gym shoes?? Uh...WIN!

Outfit Details:

Cut-Out Hooded Top: Discovery $10.99

Nike Shorts: Marshalls $14.99

PINK Racer Back Sports Bra: $35.00

NIKE Shoes: Nordstrom Rack $54.00 (Clearance)

Pump It Up in Pink:

If you haven't noticed...I may like the color Pink. This outfit is perfect for leg day since the pants kind of work like compression pants, solely for the fact that the don't ride up or down and fit to your body, yet they're so comfy! The shirt is a great compliment because of its form fitting yet not too tight fit, plus the material is similar to Nike's Dri Fit line...aka less sweating in this material! All around great for any kind of workout day whether you're going hard or taking it light!

Outfit Details:

Top: Old Navy Outlet $1.69 (Clearance)

Bottoms: PINK Skinny Yoga: $35.90

PINK Sports Bra: $35.00

Nike Shoes: Nordstrom Rack $54.00 (Clearance, from above)

Rawrn' and Runnin':

This is probably my favorite outfit to work on my fitness in! Both the top and bottom have a cooling/Dri - Fit like material that keeps me cool during my whole workout! The flowy tank gives me the flexibility when crunching my abs and the pants stay where they're supposed to during squats! And like....the combo between the leopard print, roses on the pants, and the coordinated pink trim on the tank...makes for a exercise masterpiece! Of course, gotta put it all together with a pair of Nikes!

Outfit Details:

Top: Adidas @ TJ Maxx $14.99

Bottoms: Betsey Johnson @ TJ Maxx $19.99

PINK Mesh Sports Bra: $32.95

Nike Shoes: TJ Maxx $25.00

Burr Baby Burr!

Who doesn't love a good matching set right? I actually used to gravitate away from them, until I found this super cute set at Discovery! I love this hoodless track jacket with matching skinny and silky pants. For chilly nights to the gym, this outfit will keep you feeling content. I like to pair this black, white and grey set with a pop of color (usually pink...duh). A nice workout tee underneath does the trick and completes this nighttime workout look!

Workout Tee: Target $6.99 (Clearance)

Track Jacket: Discovery $14.99

Matching Track Pants: Discovery $14.99

Nike Shoes: TJ Maxx $25.00



Victoria Secret PINK:


TJ Maxx:


Betsey Johnson:

Old Navy Outlet:


Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

Pat translucent setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. (Do this after concealer or eyelid primer) This will help with smoother eyeshadow application and will help it last even longer!

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