Reverse Your Routine!

I LOVE reviewing products! Being part of the product reviewing team Influenster has made it super fun and easy to review all kinds of products and also get some products in return to try! I have been able to review makeup, skin care, hair products, snacks, drinks, and even pet products thanks to Influenster. (To find out more about them, check out their link at the bottom).

Influenster has sent me a second Voxbox of FULL SIZED PRODUCTS to try and review! (If you don't know what a Voxbox is, check out my video below and also watch my L'Oreal Ever Pure VoxBox review on my YouTube channel). This Voxbox included part of Tresemme`'s newest campaign: Reverse Your Wash. With Tresemme`'s new line of volume products, you use the pre-wash conditioner first as step 1, and the beauty-full volume shampoo after as step 2. Their reverse system is formulated with fleximax volumizers to create bounce, volume, and shine to hair. I've never really used too many volumizing products before only because my hair is SO thick and so heavy, it just doesn't lift. But this reverse system has shocked me and gave me amazing results! Thank you Influenster for mailing me this volume Voxbox!

Want to see how Tresemme`'s reverse system changed my hair?? Check out my video review below!

Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

Pat translucent setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. (Do this after concealer or eyelid primer) This will help with smoother eyeshadow application and will help it last even longer!

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