TEAM NUDE! (Lipstick Edition)

NUDE NUDE NUDE is ALLLLLLLLL the rage right now. (Do people even say that anymore?) I have been of course seeing nothing but nude/matte lipstick posts and demos on Instagram these past few months so naturally I was on the hunt to find myself the perfect nude lipstick that I could rock this Summer.

Thanks to my bestie Brittney Marie (owner & creator of Blissfully Brittney Marie), who introduced me to a fabulous makeup collection....MILANI. If you haven't heard of gotta get your butt on the Milani bus! Miliani is a vegan collection inspired by Milan. Their products are uniquely packaged and range from lip creams, to pallets to brushes and tools. (I LOVE the gold accents on the packaging, looks so elite!)

One random Walgreens trip with Britt and I went home with a Milani MATTE LIP CREAM in the color Adorable #10. All those trips to Ulta and Sephora searching for the perfect matte nude lipstick, and all along I could've went to Walgreens to find my perfect match! I was searching for a nude lipstick that wasn't too brown, wasn't peachy or pinky but that was literally like a straight neutral nude, that did not cake or flake up and that had a great long wear. This lip cream for Miliani is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! The color you see through the packaging is TRUE to what goes on your lips. The wand applicator provides precise and smooth application. The lip cream goes on creamy and dries completely matte in the matter of 5 seconds! AND IT LASTS ALL DAY!!!!! (Hallelujah chorus in the background) I tested this lipstick with drinking out of a water bottle, drinking iced coffee with a straw, eating ice cream AND eating dinner and this lipstick lasted 8 hours before I had to reapply. I'm telling you, if you're looking for a lipstick in general, check out the Milani matte lip cream collection! You won't be disappointed! I not only will wear this lipstick for the Summer but I will definitely carry it through the Fall!

Check out my full review and application on my YouTube channel!

Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

Pat translucent setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. (Do this after concealer or eyelid primer) This will help with smoother eyeshadow application and will help it last even longer!

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