Know your worth! Ok girls let's be real. How many times have you gone back to an ex boyfriend? Whether it was to be friends, or to get back together or even just to "talk?" I know I'm guilty of being too hopeful and forgiving and going back to the same person time after time, year after year praying for a change in either him or the situation between us. But you know what? It's exhausting. Physically and mentally. Why do we do this to ourselves? It's because we don't know our worth. And we have to get broken hearted again and again and again to realize it. Why do we let these men subject us and take control of our minds bodies and souls? We're so eager to be loved but you know, if we're showing love to the wrong guy, the right one is going to pass us right up. STOP giving in to those who don't see your worth or know how to take advantage of it! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! And he's NOT giving it to you. So why keep letting him hurt you? KNOW YOUR SELF WORTH!!!!!!! You are worth RESPECT, COMMITMENT, HONESTY, LOVE, not to be toyed with, disrespected, mislead or lied to. Let HIM chase you. Let HIM wonder about you. The next time he asks you out, say you're busy. Men need to learn that they cannot take control of us. Especially the ones that do not respect us. They know exactly what to say to keep stringing us along. Learn to read between the lines. Example: "I still want you in my life." Translation: "I don't want to date you or commit to you, but I want to stay relevant and see how far I can get, so this should be good enough for you." Yeah.......I've heard this too many times to believe it anymore. The harsh truth I've finally come to terms with is....if he wanted to be with me, he would. And he isn't. So what does that tell you? I know it's hard because I'm sort of going through this too.....but each day I am learning my self worth and the wants and needs I want for my life and if this boy who claims he's a man keeps toying with my feelings and keeps giving me the run around, well he can run himself into a real deep hole and I won't be there to help him get out. I am finally fed up with the low, gut wrenching feeling I get after I see this person and go home with the same result.....nothing. Ladies, we are worth more than some of you even realize. Please look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself I AM WORTH MORE than this, I DESERVE MORE than this. Learn to walk away and walk your own path, without the wrong him. The right him WILL come. Give it time. Give it faith. Because like always, we're going to be ok. =)

Sabrina's Stylin' Secrets

Pat translucent setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. (Do this after concealer or eyelid primer) This will help with smoother eyeshadow application and will help it last even longer!

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